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Born in 1980s Java into a culture of ecstatic dances and mystical chants, soon to grow into a grunge-wailing teenage alien in German suburbia, and finally get completely lost in jazz bars and mosh pits of the Netherlands at the dawn of the internet age, Tomi's artist persona was destined to become a vaudevillesque embodiment of transcultural psychedelia.

Three decades later, Tomi has worked with numerous artists, including his own role models, in a wide variety of styles and disciplines such as rock, pop, jazz, blues, funk, afrobeat, psychedelic, experimental, spoken word and gamelan. Tomi's music has been used in cinema and he has collaborated in dozens of productions - albums and singles - as a session musician, producer and co-writer. Simatupang has also won the first prize in an international competition for microtonal composers. After about ten wild years in Berlin and gigging adventures on three continents, Tomi Simatupang is now mainly working in his V7 music studio, Vienna, Austria.

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Tomi Simatupang musician profile

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As a recording engineer it is my duty and passion to create an environment where you can feel free to express yourself, and to capture your performance in all its unique detail.


No matter who has recorded the track, an excellent mix is key to connecting to your listeners the way you intend. I am deeply committed to catching the essence of your vision and translating that into a sound which represents you as an artist the way you deserve.



In this subtle, yet crucial process, a few final adjustments and sound enhancements will ensure your track fully blossoms in all kinds of listening environments. I will bring your finished masters to the right format for digital distribution, CD-pressing, and / or vinyl cutting.


    composition            •            arrangement            •           tracking     •        editing                                                 

Tempo mapping (make any track loop / MIDI-sync / remix - ready, non-destructive tempo - fix, varispeed, etc.)

First prize winner of 2018 Semantic Microtonal Music International Competition by jury decision (Jacques Dudon, Alain Daniélou Foundation)

choir, percussion, solo guitar, popular band styles, jazz combo, horn sections, big band, string quartet, orchestral, microtonal, gamelan, experimental, etc..

drums, bass

guitar, fretless

guitar, vocals,



electric zither

and more


Music by 

        musician, music producer 

Your project, whether it's a film, a performance, literature, a game or a commercial, calls for its unique music that conveys all the right emotions to make sure your work stands out and will be remembered. I will tap into your vision and use all my skills and experience to give you the music which does all that and more.

Included Services: all (package price)

Produced by

     your music producer

As an artist, you want to be in the flow and stay connected to your muse. Let a producer take care of everything between your musical expression and electrical signals in machines, transforming inspiration into sound and carrying those vibrations to your listeners' ears and hearts.

Included services: arrangement, recording, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering (package price)

 Engineered by

        recording, mix, master

You are your own producer. You know enough to even be your own engineer, but achieving your goals calls for uncompromised quality and momentum. As your sound engineer, I will provide you with technical solutions to catalyse your creative process and open new sonic horizons without losing precious time!

included services: recording, editing mixing, mastering  (package price)

                  Not sure what you need?  Send  me a                           with your question and I will answer ASAP!   


Tomi Simatupang - Producer, composer, arranger, singer, all instrumentalist, recording engineer,  mixing engineer, mastering engineer at V7 studio, except: 2),4) recorded by Daniel Nentwig at Butterama Berlin; 2) Nathan Vanderpool - banjo; 2) Ben Montgomery - trumpet; 2) 4) Claudio Jolowicz - tenor sax, c-flute; 4) Johannes Schleiermacher - baritone sax; 2) Boris Kontorowsky - contrabass, 2) 4) Sebastian Maschat - drums


Tell me about your vision!

Thank you! You will hear from me shortly!

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