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Whoever or whatever the song needs me to become does not always have to have anything to do with what I have to do with the song. 

Suddenly, as always, it's showtime. The clown never belonged  to the circus. Nor the tiger in the locked cage. The clown has got the key. 


Remove Control is Tomi Simatupang's singer-songwriter alternate identity.

The multi-instrumentalist has produced the first Remove Control EP (2019/'20) all by himself, from composing the songs to sound engineering. In Remove Control concerts, the artist sticks to the electric guitar and vocals, sometimes using effects and looping devices, sometimes backed by a compact rhythm section to broaden the sound and deepen the groove. Remove Control's second album release, an  LP is currently in production.

Download Tech Rider

(Remove Control solo)

Tech Rider for Remove Control 

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Tech Rider
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