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Album coming soon: Jabitudu Persilasi



Tomi Simatupang

(vocals electric guitar, fretless guitar, drums, bass, composition, arrangement)

Johannes Schleiermacher

(baritone sax, flutes, synth, percussion, vocals)

Claudio Jolowicz

(tenor sax, flutes, percussion, vocals)

Mark Wixom

(contrabass, electric bass, vocals)

Taylor Savvy

(electric fretless bass)

Sebastian Maschat

(drums, vocals)

Daniel Nentwig

(vocals, sound engineer)

Live Recording Wassermusik Festival 2013

Collaboration With Climate Arts Festival 2013

Live @ Cafe Moskau

Single, 2005 - Out of print 

                                  Earlier Experiments

Cable Amp and Tongue (excerpt)                                                                                                          Dreamy Electric Guitar (full) 

album "Flux"  2010      self release                                                                                                        album "Electric Guitar"  2011

Early songwork

 (nowadays performed as Remove Control) 

Blame It On Your Monkey

2005.IN STOCK! Special price 5,- €

Simple Game - Tommy Simatupang
00:00 / 00:00

Soundtrack of"BerlinSong" (2007)

Solaris Empire. IN STOCK! 7,-€

Everybodylovesmetoomuch (BerlinSong) - Tomi Simatupang
00:00 / 00:00
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