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from Greek -"Arithmos" (number), and "Tonos" (tone). I have been  practising arithmotonality since 2013 after reading Harry Partch's Genesis Of A Music and studying just intonation at UDK Berlin. Arithmotonality includes just intonation as well as tempered tunings and chaotic intonation. It is not microtonality because it does not see 12-Tone-Equal-Temperament or any tonal system as an important point of reference. For the same reason, the term Xenharmonics cannot be used for my approach, either.

Tomi Simatupang Setup Ausland Josephine Foster Setup Zither Fretless Guitar
Tomi Simatupang Climate Arts Festival Jogja Interculture Pelataran Joko Pekik Goethe Institut GIZ
Tomi Simatupang Arithmotonalist
Tomi Simatupang featured in ExBerliner Exiled Politics edition 2015 with Genjermania, charity concert for the relatives of Gendjer-Gendjer composer Muhammad Arief and raising awareness of 1965 Ing awardonesia Genocide.



      Java             Fretless Batak   





                                 Performance Art




Tomi Simatupang is a music composer of extraordinary originality with knowledge of the physics of sound and the mathematics of music
Tomi Simatupang Incarnation Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt Wassermusik Festival Jabitudu Persilasi
Tomi Simatupang Festival Sintren Dukuh Salam Tegal Slamet Gundono

Tomi Simatupang star in BerlinSong, mastermind of Genjermania, zJawy, Incarnation, Kelompok Acak Murah, music educator, session musician

In Remove Control Tomi Simatupang uses live effects and loops to enrich the sound of his live performances, singing simple and classic sounding songs with embedded intricacy and virtuosity drawn from his experience as a Jazz musician and serious composer.
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